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General approach to weight gain

Weight gain is a less popular topic in modern countries. However, there are still many people who want to put on a few pounds to get to their ideal weight. The main trick to gaining weight is to eat more calories than what you burn. In other words, if you burn less calories than what you consume every day, you will start gaining weight. Nevertheless, you need to do regular exercises to ensure that you are not gaining weight by just putting on more body fat. An effective approach is to increase your intake of complex carbohydrates (e.g., whole-grain and multi-grain breads). These carbohydrates stay in your digestive tract longer and get digested gradually. Generally speaking, foods like bread, pasta, bagels, and beans are particularly beneficial for this purpose. Fruits can also help as they are usually rich in both dietary fiber and sugar content.

Where to start?

The best way to start your weight gain is to set up a realistic goal. Using our website, you can learn more about weight gain, connect with other members, and set up weekly email reminders to help you with this process. Always remember not to stress yourself too much about your weight. Focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and your weight goals should come naturally as a result of that. As pointed out earlier in our "General Tips", weight changes need to happen gradually and steadily. Any rapid weight change can be harmful for your overall well-being. It goes without saying that such a rapid weight change is also hard to maintain in a long-run. As a rule-of-thumb, gaining more than a pound or two per week is neither realistic nor healthy. We highly encourage you to use our website to keep track of your weight gain goals as we take into account all these factors when setting your weekly goals. Furthermore, if you miss or exceed your weekly goal, you can always enter your latest weight reading and we adjust your goals accordingly.

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Developing healthy habits

In addition to all the points we mentioned earlier, we encourage you to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day. Also, try eating smaller meals more frequently. Not eating for a long period of time or suddenly eating a lot can put pressure on your digestive tract and has a negative impact on your health. Most health experts recommend avoiding too much coffee, alcohol, and soda pops. These drinks stimulate your brain temporarily (by pumping a lot of caffeine or sugar to your body) and have a bad long-term impact on your health as well. Dairy products have many health benefits. However, there have been a lot of discussions, in different communities, about the significant amount of antibacterial agents found in these products. As a matter of fact, it has generally been suggested to take dairy products in moderation. We are sure that you have heard this enough; but, it never hurts to hear it one more time. Try to quit smoking and also avoid second hand smoke if possible. The elderly can greatly benefit from limiting the intake of red meat (instead, fish, chicken, and turkey can be used more frequently). Eat fresh fruits and vegetables as they are packed with enzymes, vitamins and dietary fiber. If you can only take away one thing from our website, please remember to stay away from any processed food.

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