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Significance of body frame size

Saying that you are large-boned is not just an excuse for not having a swimsuit figure. Furthermore, calculating your body mass index, and finding out whether you are at your ideal weight, is not simply a matter of comparing your height and weight. Frame size plays an important role as well. Generally speaking, your frame size is genetically inherited and is less dependent on your life style. It is clear that a large-framed person, who is 6 feet tall, should weigh more than a small-framed person with the same height. Here, we teach you a simple technique to estimate your frame size quickly. For a more accurate estimation, you should consult your physician.

What is your body frame size?

Your wrist size generally says a lot about your bone structure. Try to wrap your right hand's thumb and middle finger around your left wrist. Here is how you can tell what your body frame size is. If your right hand's thumb and middle finger overlap, you have a small frame size. If they barely touch, you most likely have a medium frame size. Finally, if they do not touch, you have a large frame size. We hope you were able to figure out your body frame size using this simple technique. Knowing your frame size, you can more accurately estimate your ideal body weight and body mass index using our BMI calculator.

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